Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What I love Most About Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hello everybody. For this time I will share with you all about what I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I am sure all of you will miss this moment.

First of all, I will let you know what is the meaning of hari raya. Hari Raya Aidifitri is very important for all muslims after fasting for a month. Hari raya is free from fasting. They celebrate their hari raya with enjoyful and meaningful. All muslims have to celebrate hari raya with their relatives and loves one. There are many foods during hari raya such as 'rendang', 'ketupat', 'kuah kacang', 'lemang', 'lontong' and many more.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the most moment that I love and cannot be forgotten because I can celebrate with my family and relatives. What I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri is getting a money from my family. I love to collect money from my relatives. I get much money from them. I am also love to eat rendang and ketupat because it is so delicious. During Hari raya, I am also have to seek forgiveness from my parents and my siblings. I am very happy because I get much money and can eat any kind of foods. Besides that, I can wear a beautiful 'kebaya' which is black colour. I love to wear it. It is so beautiful.

First day of raya, we went to our grandmother's house. There are many relatives at that house. From my grandmother's house I can collect much money. I am very excited to go there. After that, we went back to our home to get a rest. For the second day, I ask my father to bring us to go holiday. My father just want to go holiday around Kuala Lumpur because he want to escape from traffic jams. So we went to the Sunway Hotel.

Sunway Hotel is very beautiful place. There are many specialities at Sunway such as Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid. I love to go there because I can shopping all the time. It is very near to our hotel. After that, we went to the Times Square Hotel. We stayed for one night. It is also a very beautiful hotel like Sunway. We were very happy together.

We went to the holiday for 3 days and 2 night. I am very enjoy because I can spend time with my wonderful family. For every raya we went to the holiday and we never missed it. So, when the hari raya is coming, I am very excited and cannot wait for it. I can get much money and at the same time I can meet all my relatives that I am not meet them before this. It is also can make us build a 'silaturrahim' which means close to each other. That is all for this entry. I hope you will enjoy reading my story. See you again.

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Hello my precious readers, today I want to tell you about my childhood memories of Ramadhan. I hope all of you will enjoy reading my story.

Ramadhan is very meaningful for all muslims. They have to fast for a month. Fasting is to make sure that people are free from sins. They cannot eat and drink until the time is coming. They have to fast about 14 hours. For me, fasting is very hard because we cannot eat and drink for a long time. We have to wait for 14 hours.

During my childhood, I have forced by my parents to fast. For the first time I am fasting, I cannot stand because I am very tired and thirsty. I started to fast when I was 7 years old. During the Ramadhan, I am fasting just only 7 days. That is hard for me to fast for a month.
I started to lie my parents when I have forced by them. They asked me to fast for a month.

I am very small at that time. I have to wait 14 hours to get something to eat and drink. That is very hard for me because I cannot eat and drink anything. When my parents are not with me, I went to the kitchen and open the ice box to find something that I can eat. I am very hungry and thirsty at that time. When I eat and drink, I feel release from fasting.

My parents did not know about my lying. I am not tell them because I am very afraid if my parents scold me. I tell my parents when I was form 1. They did not mad at me because they know that I am very small at that time and no need to fast. I am very happy because I can fast for a month after that. That is all for today.

My Favourite Heart Pillow

Hello readers, today I would like to tell you about my favourite heart pillow. I hope all of you will not laughing when reading my story.

I love to collect heart pillow because I think heart pillow are very cute and beautiful. I have many heart pillow on my bed. I love to keep heart pillow because it is one of my favourite. It can make me feel comfortable when hug it. The most favourite heart pillow is comes from my boyfriend. He gave me because he want me to hug it and feel that he is always be with me. I am very happy because I got a big heart pillow from him.

My favourite heart pillow is pink colour. It is also a big pillow. I will bring my heart pillow with me when I want to sleep. If I forget to bring it, I cannot sleep well. I will get it as soon as possible. All my friends know about it and they will remind me to bring. But mostly, I will never missed to bring it. It is very important to me because it can help me to sleep well and have a comfortable with that heart pillow.

Besides that, I cannot let people use it because my favourite heart pillow can only use by my own. It is not like I am stingy. I will let them borrow my other pillow. They will understand and said 'we don't mind because we understand how you feel'. I am very happy because all my friends understand what I mean. They know that I am very kind with them and always let them borrow anything from me.

That is all for today. Just wait for my next entry.

My New Album

Hello precious readers, sorry for the late posting. Today, I would like to share with you about my new album which is created by my own.

Name of Album : Heart & Soul
Artist : Ifa

1. Hero
Hero tells us about man that have a power to protect a girl. He is romantic man and also a handsome guy. This is very suitable song for woman who are in love with their loves one.

2. Thank God I Found You
This song is very meaningful because it tell us about someone that is very grateful. A person thank to God because she found a man that she loved very much.

3. Aku dan Dirimu
This song tell us about you and me. A boy and a girl. This song is very wonderful song because it tell us about someone that in love each other. They share everything to each other.

4. Bintang 14 Hari
This song tell us about someone searching where her lover stayed. 14 days she came to his house and let him know that she is missing him so much. He is very best partner and she cannot live without him.

5. Crush
This song tell us about someone that have crush on a girl. He tried so many times to tell that girl he is in love with her. He is very crazy on her because she is very beautiful.

6. I Still Believe
This song tell us about someone still believe on his boyfriend because she loved him so much. She still believe that someday he will be her partner. She feel that he is her life and have sparkle in her life.

7. Destiny
This song tell us about destiny which is someone found her life with wonderful guy. She loved him very much. She cannot live without him. She wants guy like him to be her best partner. She will wait for him forever because he is her destiny.

8. My All
This song tell us about someone that gave her life to her man. She gave everything to her partner. She always thinking of her man everyday. She cannot live without him because she has spend all her night with him. She do not want to leave by him.

9. We Belong Together
This song tell us about you and me are belong together. They cannot live without each other because they were meant to be together. They love each other so much. They want to live together forever. They cannot be separated at all. That is so hard them.

10. Without You
This song tell us about someone that cannot live without him. He is very special to her. She loves him so much and he cannot be forgotten. She thinking of him every second. She does not let people tahe him from her.

Monday, August 31, 2009

10 facts about me

Hello readers, today I would like to share with you about 10 facts that you might not know about me.

1. afraid to insects
I am very afraid to any insects. I will screaming if the insects come to me. My roommates and my best friends already know about it. They will help me immediately and kill that insects.

2. short girl
I am a short girl. My friends always tease me and called me short girl. I am not shy if they want to say that because I know short is not that bad. Not all people are tall, it still have short person in this world.

3. have a small fingers
I have a small fingers. Every time my friends and others see my fingers they will say "Ifa you have very small fingers". I just say it come from God. It is very hard to find a ring because there is no size for me. I have to order my rings to get my size.

4. loving person
I am loving person. I am very easy to love people who are closed to me. I love all people around me that are very care about me. Loving is not just give love but we have to show our cares to them. I will let them know if I love and care about them.

5. friendly
I am friendly person. I am very easy going person. I love to make friends to anyone. I will smile to others if they seem nice to me. I do not judge people by its cover. I make friends with all types of people.

6. I am a big fan of pink colour
I am a big fan of pink colour. I love collect all things that are pink. All my stuff are pink such as my begs, bed, bears, shirts and many more. You cannot count my stuff because there are too many things are pink.

7. weak in calculation
I am very weak in calculation since I was in high school. I do not love mathematics. For me, it is so hard and I cannot manage to get good result in calculation and now, I still weak in calculation. But I have to struggle to improve it.

8. have a big family
I have a very big family. My father was married two wives. My mother is first wife but now, my father and my mother were divorced. My dad have five children in his first wife and his second wife, he has three children. So now I have eight siblings with two mothers.

9. love to tease people
I love to tease people who are very closed to me. I always makes jokes with them. I will make them happy with me. I cannot seat properly if I am not tease my friends. I love to see them enjoy and happy with me.

10. love shopping
I love shopping very much. I will buy anything that I like and get the money from my father. He will give me everything. Every time I want to shopping, I will ask my sisters to bring me there.

That is all for this entry. Just wait for my next entry.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My lovely Classmates

Dear readers, sorry for the late. Today I would like to tell you about my classmates. These are guys of my classmates.


1. Hafiz is known as Mok. He is a cute boy even he is chubby. Mok is good with calculation subjects. Mok is closed to Zaki because they have known each other since high school.

2. Dhamiri is the funniest boy in class. Dhamiri loves to wear tight shirts to class. I like guys wearing tight shirt. Dhamiri always think that he is smart boy.

3. Afiq has fair skin. He is from Muar. He is a shy person. If he is shy, his face will turn to red. Somehow Afiq is not that talk too much in class.

4. Zaki is one of the smartest boy in class. He is simple boy but actually he is very intelligent. Zaki has a curly hair with a dark skin. He also wears glasses.

5. Kashfi is the most handsome boy in my class. He is from Taman Melawati. Kash loves sports very much. He is always thinking that he is handsome boy.

6. Ruzaini is my new classmate for this semester. Honestly, I do not know much about him. Everyone calls him Evra because they said he looks like the football player from MU. Evra loves to tease people.

7. Frankie is my classmates since I was in part 1. He is a clumsy boy. He is always nervous when he is asked to talk in front of my lectures and classmates.

8. Shukri is one of my new classmates for this semester. You can call him Shuk. He is a tall boy. Shuk looks nice.


1. Suatika is a quiet person. Her voice is very soft person. She does not talk that much in class. She is closed to Leen.

2. NurLeen is my classmate since I was in Part 1. She is from Kuala Lumpur. Everyone calls her Leen. Leen is a girl with a very loud voice. She is always being brave in our class because she can speak bravely in front of class.

3. Anis is a shy girl in class. I love her smile very much. She is a sweet person. She likes to laugh. Now, I am her group of BEL311. She can speak English and always have new ideas.

4. Nadiah is a friend of Ita. They are very close to each other. She likes to wear crystal bracelet. Nad is from Klang and she wears 'tudung'. Nad is very good in Arabic because she was taking Arab in her school.

5. Khairunissa is one of the fairest girl in my class. Her father is American. She has a very soft voice. I am her group of BEL311. She is a smart girl.

6. Hazwani is also a quiet girls in my class. You can call her Wani. Wani is a smart girl. Even though she does not talk a lot in class but she is brilliant girl. She is also my group of BEL311. She is good in English.

7. Siti Sarizah is the tallest girl in my class. She is a sweet person and she has long black hair. She is a thin girl. I am so jealous with her because she will not get fat even she has a big appetite. She is closed to Sina and Lana.

8. Hasinah is one of chubby girl in my class. Everyone calls her Sina. She is a very cute just like teddy bears. I love to make friend with her because she is kind person. She has a cute little brother. She is staying at Muar just same like Afiq.

9. Surriyah is a smart person. Everyone calls her Sue. Sue is quite tall and she wears 'tudung'. She is much closed with Yana and Mira. Sue is good in English.

10. Faina is a quiet person. She is not talk much in our class. She is Ila’s bestfriend. They are always together. She is a smart person.

11. Liyana is a cute person. Everyone calls her Nana. She is very talkative person. She is closed to Sue and Mira. They are always together no matter what happen. I am so jealous with them because they are closed to each other. I love to be her friend.
12. Hasrita is a very small girl. Her nickname is Ita. She has a twin who looks exactly like her. She is a hardworking person. She is closed to Nad and Dayah. She is a smart girl.

13. Hidayah is very talkative in our class. Everyone calls her Dayah. Dayah is a small girl just like Ita. She is a girl that always asked a question to lecturers. She never getr tired with that.

14. Lana is one of my classmates. She is a pretty person. She is also intelligent girl. She got DL every semester. She is good in English and she can speak English very well. I love to hear when she speaks English. She is closed to Sina and Siti.

15. Fadzilah is a very fashionable girl. Everyone calls her Ila. She is very skinny girl. She is closed to Faina. They are always together and never be separated.

16. Syima is definitely a quiet girl. She is my classmates since I was in part 1. She always be with me. She never left me behind. She is my wing mate since I was in part 1. She is lovely person. She always help me when I am in trouble. I love to be her friend.

17. Amirah is a quite chubby girl. She just loves to talk and laugh a lot. She is closed to Sue and Nana. They are always together. She is also closed to Anis because they are same college.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Subjects For This Semester

Hello my precious readers! See you again in my fourth entry for BEL311. For this time, I have to write about my subjects for this semester. There are many subjects I am taking this semester, which are BEL311, CTU241, BAB101, FIN262, QMT216, and HSK111. So, I would like to explain everyone on these seven subjects.

Firstly, BEL311 which stands for English for Academics Purposes. This subject is focused on writing and speaking. Mr. Izuan is responsible to teach my class which is D3D2. He is a very strict person but for me he is a good lecturer. He always helps their students how to be a good witer. He asks his students to do a blog. He gaves this assignment to help us to improve our skill writing.

Secondly, CTU241 which stands for Fundamental of Islamic Economic. This subject is focused on Islamic Economic. CTU241 is more harder than CTU151. We have to write an essay. There is no objective question. That will make us to read often. Ustaz Nawawi is responsible to teach us. He is a very funny lecturer. He makes us happy with his jokes.

Thirdly, BAB101 which stands for Arabic. Ustaz Syazali is responsible to teach this subject. This subject will help us to improve our language in Arabic. He is a friendly lecturer. He is also handsome man. He always shares his stories with us. Sometimes we are not study in class but have to listen about his story. He makes us not feel sleepy in class.

Fourthly, FIN262 which stands for Fundamental of Finance. This subject is focused on calculation. We have to memorize a lot of formulae. Encik Shamsul is responsible to teach FIN262. For me, he is a smart and genious lecturer. I love his way when he teach us. He gives all of his knowledges to us. I am very happy to get his as my lecturer FIN262.

Fifthly, QMT216 which stands for Introduction to Statistics. Miss Arfah is my lecturer to this subject. She is a funny person. She always makes a jokes with us. It will make us not feel sleepy in this class. Honestly, I am not good in calculation. I am very weak. Sometimes I feel like give up but I still have to study.

Lastly, HSL111 which stands for Badminton. I love this sport so much. I do not know this coach because I am not going for the last two weeks. I am not well, got fever. But I hope this week I will know that coach. That is all for today. Just wait for my next entry.